Herd sires are the future of any breeders program and outstanding herd sires are critical to any breeders success. It takes years to see how a bull reproduces and we have been in this process for several years and feel these sires are some of the best producers in the longhorn breed. They have consistanley produced big horned cattle that have been very successful in the longhorn showcase, longhorn shows and the Millenium Futurity. I feel these bulls offer the genetics for the total package of horn, conformation and color. If your looking for "HORNS WITH THE TOTAL PACKAGE" these bulls will work for you. We have semen available on several of these bulls for your next calf crop.

(To see more about a herd sire and view his offspring click on pictures)

Boomerang CP


Titan Eot 8E8

Rocky Eot 10/11

Zeus Eot 9E5

Commander Eot 14/10

Mustafia Eot 10/7

Renegade 19/5

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